Visit our Air-Conditioned salon any time, the Happiest salon on the Peninsula.

Happy Cuts experienced and friendly staff are here to make you LOOK and FEEL GREAT.
Many thanks to our happy customers for making us the most popular salon on the peninsula on "".


No hidden extras! Are you always hesitant when you go into a salon to be told a price, but when you leave, it is so much extra?
Well, at HAPPY CUTS, this never happens. We are extremely honest (and of course, Happy) and give you the best price on the Peninsula for great service.

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We have been in business in the current location for 13 years.

Happy Cuts Hair Salon started operating in early 2004.

We are a very caring and professional business. Our name says it all, the staff are always happy and will make sure you leave our salon with a smile on your dial guaranteed.

We care about your budget so that is why we are very affordable with our prices. We appreciate your time with us, all the staff have many years of experience.

If there are any worries you have or you are not happy about anything, please always contact Bev, the Salon Manager, who will endeavour to sort out any enquiry with a smile.

We thank all our customers for making us the most popular salon on the Peninsula on Please go and check out all our reviews.

Any questions, please call us on 3284 3990. We value your time and support.

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